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As Governor Cuomo made the announcement today (6/15/2021) to lift the face mask mandate, it DOES NOT apply to healthcare and medical facilities. Patients are still required to wear face mask while in office regardless of their vaccination status. Below you will find a direct order from the New York Chiropractic Association:

"On May 13, 2021, the CDC revised safety guidelines for those who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. The updated guidelines state that fully vaccinated people can resume most activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing. The new guidelines are not intended for healthcare settings. Due to this being a Healthcare Facility, our current safety guidelines have not changed, and we still require all individuals to wear masks inside all our facilities. As more people are vaccinated for COVID-19, it is still extremely important to maintain safety measures to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. These precautions include wearing a face mask, practicing physical distancing, and washing your hands frequently with soap and water or using hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Once again, all patients will be required to wear masks when they visit our facilities, even if they are fully vaccinated."

While we understand that this is frustrating, our office must enforce this policy. So we ask that you please be kind and respectful to office staff when they ask you to put on a mask. If you do not wish to comply with wearing a mask, we ask that you call the office to let us know you have arrived and provide us with your call back number and wait in your vehicle. When it is time for your appointment, we will call and ask you to come in at that time. We appreciate your cooperation.

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